Dec 28, 2011

Things I Got

This post is kinda like a "haul" post. Tells you what I got recently.

I picked up this book, Catching Fire, from my school's book fair before the break. It's the sequel to the infamous Hunger Games book. I rented the book out in my local library a year ago and I read only to half since the book was so slow. I had to return it since the due date was up. It wasn't as fast-paced as The Hunger Games. I did check the book out at my school's library earlier in the year, but I still haven't had the chance to finish Catching Fire. Again, the book was slow. So I bought the book just because I knew it would take me forever to read it. But, I did finish The Death Cure, the last book of the Maze Runner trilogy! I've been waiting till the release and to get the book from my library. Finished it within a week and I enjoyed the whole Maze Runner books. Still gives me chills. I totally recommend the series.

A week ago, my family and I went to an outlet and I got a few things. First from Nike, I just got a plain old gray jacket. I'm bad at losing things and I lost my black jacket so I had to get it. Then from DKNY, I got this blue button-down top. It has a collar I can button up and put a sweater over so the collar peeps out. And you can roll up or down the sleeves. From Bath and Body Works, I got the Coconut Vanilla and Apricot Vanilla (my favorite) lotions. My mom got the Creamy Pumpkin and Guava Grapefruit Blast soaps.

Yesterday, we went to a different outlet and got some oxfords from Vans- surprisingly. I'm not a Vans kind of gal. I was also astonished that they would have oxfords at the store. I would have thought they would sell "skate shoes", but I guess not. I got two pairs of shoes: a black and white oxford and a black and blue one as well. Both of them were fifteen bucks. But they had a sale so one of the shoes were half off. The shoes are lovely and I'm excited to wear them out.

And yeah, that what I got recently.

I just want to add that I'm obsessed with this song from Arcade Fire, Sprawl II (Mountains beyond Mountains), and The Suburbs (continued). Sprawl II (Mountains beyond Mountains) is very MGMT-esque. Reminds me of them. And The Suburbs (continued) is such a beautiful song. A nice extension of the original, The Suburbs. You should totally check them out.

And that's it. Have a great day.

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