Dec 24, 2011


Hey, long time no see. It's been five months since my last blog post. I've been overly busy with school and extra curricular, I have no time work on this blog. But, it's winter break for me- hence today's Christmas Eve- I have loads of time to do this and I'm glad. So I'm doing this short update to make up the time:

Guess what? I finally found a peter-pan collared dress. From previous posts, I explained my love for peter pan-collared tunics and dresses. To go look at my article on peter pan collared, click here. After scouring racks of Forever 21, sitting on the numerous of sale racks, there it was. I finally found it. I was basically overcome with joy! It's basically a sleeveless, blue and white floral-print dress with, of course, a peter pan collar. But, there was this long ribbon in the middle, which mistakes a bunch of people for a tie. Although I don't really like the fact people think it's a "tie" I still adore it. And I'm proud of finding that dress in the US. I'm totally excited to make this DIY version of the peter pan from the fashion citizen. Can't wait to make it!

Did yall watch the Dark Knight Rises trailer? I'm excited for this movie to come out ever since I had the chance to watch the movies: The Dark Knight and Batman Begins. I absolutely LOVE Christopher Nolan's work. I've seen both movies from the Batman trilogy, The Prestige, and Inception. Nolan is a movie genius.
File:Dark knight rises poster.jpg
After seeing, the official trailer of the new movie coming out in July, I was disappointed with Anne Hathaway being Catwoman- even when we had a glimpse of seeing her act out in the trailer. But it did give me a glimmer of hope that Hathaway will be good, not astonishing, but being at least good on portraying as Catwoman/ Selina Kyle. Also the clip with the football game and having Hines run for a touchdown was not really necessary. But it looked really cool.
I'm okay with Bane being smaller than Bane is in the comics. But, I don't think Tom Hardy being Bane, is a perfect fit- since Bane should be a lot bigger and he's suppose to be Hispanic. But I also think that Tom Hardy is a terrific actor after seeing him in Inception and assuming he's good from the positive responses from other movies he's in.
I'm hoping the movie is awesome like The Dark Knight and other of his movies. I just can't wait for the movie to come out. And I can't wait for Hans Zimmer's soundtrack for this movie to be played too.

For music, I'm loving Arcade Fire's: The Suburbs and Ready to Start. I'm also loving Bon Iver's: Skinny Love. And I'm having a little song phase with From First to Last's song: Note to Self. And yes, that's the infamous Skrillex singing before he left for dubstep. Click the song links to listen. Love them. Those are songs I'm listening too 24/7.

I really want this turban from New Look and this peter pan collar dress. I absolutely think it looks so cute. Only if they could open a New Look store here in the States. And a Primark store too. I don't know why but I love the UK and Europe. My bucketlist is to visit New York and visit all around Europe, especially England! From what I've heard, Primark is like a Forever 21, but higher quality. I so want to go.

And yeah, that's pretty much it. I might post something tomorrow. If not, well have a Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah or Happy Kwanzaa or just Happy Holidays. Have a good one.

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