Jan 15, 2012

Things I Got 2

So here's what I got:

I got this summery-kind of dress for roughly around $16 at Macy's. I liked the collar on the dress. I'm thinking of cutting the part where it synches at the waist to make a separate top and skirt. I also got a huge crop top for three bucks.

On to Bath and Body Works. They have these "75% off" deals. So, I bought this Mango Butter Lip Butter, Lemon and Blueberry Lip Balm, and a Lemon and Blackberry Tinted Lip Balm each for two bucks, retailing at $7.50 each. If you want me to do a review on any one them, which I will most likely do, let me know.

This is quite random, but I'm obsessing over One Direction. I know this is sad, but I get sucked into these boy bands/cute singers type-of-deal. I'm in my One Direction phase right now. I mean they're five hot British/Irish boys. You doesn't love that? They're so cute. And they're from the UK. You know how I want visit and live there. Not to mention that they're music is quite enjoyable. These guy probably make a bunch of money from the looks. Oh me? Why do I like them? Anyhoo, they're touring with Big Time Rush, here, in the US. Inside of me right now, I'm screaming like a crazy eight-year old. This is bad isn't it?

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