Feb 3, 2012

A Boring Post

Hey guys. First blog post of February. And here's an update of my uninteresting life:

So I finished Mockingjay, the last book of the Hunger Games trilogy. Ugh! I'm very disappointed with this book. It was so depressing.

**SPOILER** With a lot of characters that we grow to be attached dying. It's just sad. Cinna, Finnick, Prim....really? And how Peeta went to a complete weirdo how Katniss was dramatically struggling, and Haymitch wasn't his normal self. I felt like every character had changed. The author didn't quite know how to conclude the ending. It didn't explain how Gale left to his "fancy job" and her mom working at a new hospital in a new district. Everything felt rushed at the end. It was a short ending. It didn't explain how Katniss and Peeta reconcile, getting married, and having kids. It didn't explained district 12 after all the war-fighting-crap that the book was all about. Again, everything was rushed at the end.

The last book of the series was a disappointment and I didn't like it. I thought Catching Fire was not good as the Hunger Games, but this book was really bad. I don't know. It's just my opinion.

Today, I accidently deleted my Tumblr account. I was suppose to delete an extra blog I had, not my entire account! I was definitively ticked.

I've liking the song Cellophane by Sara Jackson Holman. It's a great song.

I've been listening to One Direction a lot as well. I mean come' on. There cute! You gotta admit. They are. And they're British. Twenty extra brownie points.

Super Bowl weekend! Who are you rooting for?

I hope yall have a great weekend ahead of you.

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