Dec 12, 2013

Harry and his Style (Pun intended): A look on his Fashion

This past week, Harry Styles won the "British Style" award at the British Fashion Awards. Known for his curly locks, cheeky personality, and his amicable heart, this member of One Direction sure does match his last name perfectly. This man sure has style, Harry Styles.*

*I am aware that is a lame pun but I'm taking every opportunity I can get to be somewhat humorous. 

Although I am a female and have no familiarity of men's fashion, I'm going to analyze his style anyways. I mean why not? Why not stare at this beautiful man for the next few minutes? Let's take a look at the outfits he has worn:

Not gonna lie, I am a huge One Direction fan. What's not to like about these five charming and cute  guys from across the pond (including Ireland, not gonna leave out wonderful Niall). I follow many 1D tumblr blogs and I see many candids of Harry around town. When out on the streets, he usually wears a simple graphic tee, a nice pair of tight skinny jeans (haha yes), and his nifty brown boots.

Only recently, he has started to layer his outer wear-- especially for the winter season. Smart idea Harry, layering for warmth. Here in the first photo, he layers a white tee, a red-toned plaid shirt,  a shearling coat, and of course, his cute little bandanna. In the next outfit, he wears a black tee, neutral plaid shirt, and his high fashion Yves Saint Laurent coat. 

Many times, Harry likes to unbutton his button-down shirts all the way to the middle of his chest (as a Harry-girl, I'm screaming in the inside). Also...I like his fedora. Too cute, too cute.

He also likes to wear his heart button-down. Here, he wears it on a night out in the late 2012 and he also wear the same shirt in the This is Us Premiere.

Of course, I have to add his photos from the Burberry S/S 2013 and S/S 2014 shows. I feel like he could be one of the sole spokespersons of Burberry. He's such a classy man and represents Britain very well-- a perfect symbolism of the brand.

I need to add that he is well known for his tight (and ripped) black skinny jeans, bandanna, and his boots.

Analyzing these photos (^_^) and his outfits, it makes sense for his award. Harry Styles does have amazing style-- a style that is not only classy, but also illuminates his wholesome personality. Therefore, Harry does deserve his Fashion Style Award.

Thanks for reading,

Jun 27, 2013

Trend Alert: Cut Out Shoes

Ever since I saw the Jeffery Campbell Coltrane boots on tumblr, I have been interested in this whole new line up of cut out shoes. I have complied a list that I would buy if I had money to afford these, but I don't. So this here are some of my dream shoes. Your in luck.

This is my ultimate dream show. This Balenciaga shoe is just so cool and edgy and rad and ahjnpgaeakfz. The only thing is that it cost almost two thousand grand. 

I love the ivory color and the pairing of fringe with these side cut outs. 

The Coltrane boots and this one from Aldo are very similar. Although this shoe can be considered as a dupe,  it's only just twenty dollars cheaper. 

These KATZ2 cut out shoes are a wonderful take on a unique boot. Sides are cut with ankle buckled straps.  Perfection. 

This mint green color is vibrant and lovely. This JuJu shoe is one that I could buy, me being such a frugal person. 

Well, hopefully you consider checking out this trend. It's certainly something I believe will go popular.

Jun 25, 2013

Californian Teen Fashion

So today's post, I would like to exhibit a trend I noticed while in California. This non-atypical trend could be seen across the teenage community. I don't know if this post is going to turn out to be some rant or complaint or some "how-to" guide. Honestly, I need to put some material on this blog. So this is what I thought to myself, "Hey! You can talk about the teen fashion trends seen in the glorious state called California!" And so yeah. HERE IT IS.

It seems like different trends coordinate in different areas: LA and San Diego. But, both are the same except for the bottom half. You'll see. 

This outfit coordinates to the outfits I saw in Los Angeles (although this style can be seen anywhere now since it's so popular). I call it the Summer Tumblr Trend, inspired to all you people you have a summer themed blog and reblog these typical outfits. I'm not bashing you if you have that theme or like it. I for one, had once a summer tumblr blog as well. So no hate!

1. Almost all the outifts I saw had a top crop. I mean, that is like a standard pairing when wearing high waisted shorts because you're not just wearing regular old denim shorts, but old school mom jeans cut short. You gotta flair out to everyone that you are hip for wearing 90's clothing. Of course there are many different other tops to wear like a simple bustier or maybe a cozy sweater with just the front tucked in. There's so many ways that can achieve the perfect summer look.

2. Of course, all outfits has to have some sort of high waisted shorts. No questions asked. These type of shorts can be found everywhere now, from Forever 21 to your local boutique. But if you want to be seen as some cool hipster, go to your local Goodwill and find yourself some vintage Levi jeans. Booyeah!

3. High white Chuck's(which seem to popular) or just regular white converse. I personally love these shoes. I own two! The sucky thing is that they get dirty reeaaallly easily. 

I don't know what's up with me and tumblr, I'm sorry, but I'll call this style the "Street Style Tumblr Trend" like the header above. This I found to more popular among Teens in the San Diego area. But of course, can be found anywhere, not just this particular region. 

1. Of course, start with a top crop, like the outfit before. A top that's more looser and not tight seems to be the case. It should barely hover the upper band of the skirt. 
2. Instead of the shorts, it is traded in with a flippy jersey skater/circle skirt. 
3. Lastly, a nice pair of cut out sandals should be a nice touch to a feminene outfit. Of course, substitute to any kind of shoe, like converse or jellies, or even some like this.

Below I have listed some particular clothing items that I feel work with these two outfits:





In conclusion, they are both similar outfits seen in cities hours apart. But what "trend" do I prefer? I like the second outfit or what I call the "Street Style Tumblr". It's cute and girly. For me, I feel more comfortable under a skirt (that go mid thigh or to the knees) than some shorts. But that's just me, it could be totally different for you. But what I like best about both of these is that you don't have to stick with restricted, particular items to get a similar look. You can experiment with different clothing and you can get the same result!

May 5, 2013

Inspired Style: Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir

Whimsical and great beats, Of Monsters and Men is one of my favorite bands. Their music is addictive and their live performances are wonderful. Whilst watching these performances via youtube, I noticed one of the lead singers', Nanna, outfits. I love her sense of style. It's grungy yet feminine. Here below I provided some clothing based on her live performance outfits. 

1. A lot of the times, she sports a button down shirt, like shown, with the collar buttoned. This can be worn with a pair of black skinny jeans. 
2. This skeleton muscle dress seems to suits her style. Maybe add some sheer tights?
3. During music festivals, this maxi skirt can be worn with...
4. ...this cropped muscle tee. 
5. A pair of Docs or even some Chelsea boots can be worn with some ankle socks.
6. Of course, Nanna always completes her outfits with a boater hat- her signature look. 

That's it! A short post on some inspired clothing from Nanna from Of Monsters and Men. In honor of the band I will link a video here. Thanks for reading.

May 3, 2013

Almay Eyeliner Review

I think it's best that this blog should have a beauty related post rather than that silly one I did a couple of days ago. I'm doing a short review of the Almay eyeliner. It's the most basic eyeliner from this brand and I think it's great.

-It lasts a long time compared to other pencil eyeliners
-It's retractable and comes with it's own sharpener
-It comes with a lot of product 

-Sharpener doesn't work well
-Looses it's sharp point, comes to a dull end (use sharpener that doesn't work well)
-It smudges (though I find this as a positive connotation)

In conclusion, I love this eyeliner. It is one of my favorites and I intend to keep purchasing it. I have already used up many shades from black to brown. The staying power is great- reapply once every few hours (if you really need it just to touch up). Taking off the eyeliner is at ease with the makeup remover. It's easy to apply and glides on smoothly. An eyeliner costs about seven dollars. Basically, this is a wonderful drugstore eyeliner. 

I definitely recommend it.