Dec 22, 2014

Diary Entry #1

So I’ve decided to document some happenings in my life knowing future me would gladly appreciate this new thing that I am doing.
Your welcome future Anne.
17 year old Anne


Today, Tony and I watched our first Hayao Miyazaki film (well, for me at least)— Howl’s Moving Castle. It was a great film, though the last fourth of the movie left me with minor questions. And Christian Bale’s voice is so odd for Howl; I can not help but remind myself of Tony’s impersonation of him in American Psycho. Nevertheless, it was a nice, magical film and introduction to more of Miyazaki’s animations. I certainly can not wait to watch more.

Yesterday was the gang’s annual holiday party. This year, we had a white elephant instead of a secret santa since it was inexpensive for our budgets. I got Jenan’s gift: a Ryan Gosling meme journal. I’ve wanted to own one and now I have it; I was certainly happy with my gift. Jenan received my gift which included a giant holiday pen with a magic 8-eque pen that answers your questions with a click of a pen. I’m happy to say that she likes it. After a plate of chicken nuggets and sweets (which included my chocolate crinkle cookies I might add), we played a board game with the name ‘picture’ in its title, then watched Love Actually. Love Actually had a cute ending, but there was a lot of profanity that hindered my total enjoyment for the film. Of all the couples featured, I loved Jamie and Aurélia’s story line. It was a great time with friends and our last holiday party as high school students.

Of course, I’m in winter break now, but I have many things to do. I have to finish my scholarship essays and study my Deca materials for the test. I need to get that going and I’m stressing.

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