Dec 31, 2014

Diary Entry #3 (aka The Last Day of 2014)


Well, today is the last day of 2014. I don't even know what happened. It felt like 2014 flew past me like a roadrunner. For the past few years, I never had a list of resolutions to check off for each year. All I want is to be happy.

(Edit: I saw this on tumblr and really liked it
Actual goal for 2k15:
Just become a better person. Continue to unlearn problematic behavior. Strive to achieve the things I want to achieve. Be kind to people. Be compassionate. Have a sense of humor. Get healthier mentally and physically. Move forward. )
Today, my cousin came by to hang out and bake some cookies. Chocolate chip and Cheesecake to be exact. The first batch of chocolate chip cookies were burnt, but the second time it came out decent. The Cheesecake cookies came out tasteful as well. We then, watched the basketball episode from The Office, caught up with our daily lives, and watched some of Dick Clark's Rockin Eve in which One Direction was performing at (pre-recorded obvs).

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