Feb 24, 2012

Skater Dresses, Asymmetrical Skirts, and More Peter Pan Collars

So about this past hour, I've been searching for new clothing that I like and want. So here it goes:

I've been really intrested in "skater-like" or skater dresses, lately. It covers the whole chest area, yet feminine. These dresses have a 60's feel and it screams Zooey Deschanel.

Image 1 of ASOS Skater Dress in Alphabet
This dress, by Asos, is so adorable with a tiny alphabet-designed print.

Image 1 of ASOS Skater Dress with Open Back
Here's one that's more around the amount of money I will spend on clothing. I personally think this white skater dress is really cute. Plus it has an open back.

I've been seeing a lot of asymmetrical skirts and a sheer maxi with a mini skirt inside. I'm inspired to check them out myself. 

I've seen clothesencounters,one of my favorite youtubers, have this similar skirt.

I probably will buy this skirt in stores if they have it. I like how it short in the front, long in the back. It's very flowy: great for spring and summer.

Now, I'm seeing a lot of Peter Pan collars now. I think I have enough clothing that have collars on them, but I think this is really cute. 

Image 1 of River Island Peter Pan Collar Top
It's super cute. I might get this since it's in the range of pricing that I can afford. I think will work nicely with a pleated skirt and a cute cadigan. It will also pair nicely with a big over-sized sweater.

That's pretty much I'm gonna say for right now. I'm quite tired and need to sleep. Have a great weekend.

Feb 11, 2012

What's in it for a Midnight City

So, here are some music finds for today.

M83- Midnight City
Heard this in a youtube video...and I'm obsessed with this song!
Avi Buffalo- What's In It For
I found this song out of the blue. I find there are some basic melodies from The Smiths and his voice sounds like Andrew Vanwyngarden from MGMT.

Hope you like the music and have a great day.

Feb 8, 2012

Music,Clothes,and More

Seriously, I have been listening to music for the past three hours. I've been listening to:


I've been getting into going into thrift stores lately. Well, I mean I raid my mom's old clothes that she hoards. I know that sounds weird, but there are some unique pieces that can be really cute in today's modern world. I'm really inspired with clothesencounters and llymlrs

My mom went to a major shopping spree at JC Penny's the past few days. She's been hauling bags and bags filled with mark-down clothes. I manage to found some blouses with peter pan collars (remember my old post about my love for them?). I found some dress shirts with collars. I ended up cutting off the sleeves which looks so much better and saftey pinning the collars together. I also cut off the sleeves off of my old DARE shirt, and added some fringe, as well as my ACDC shirt.

I really wish that spring would roll along. Although I love winter fashion. I'm in the middle of winter blues. I want to wear dresses and skirts and bright colors and floral print and all that. In the future, I will probably  that it will be winter once spring comes around. But right now, I'm yearning for spring and maybe summer to come.

Valentine's is coming up. And I don't have a valentine. Honestly, I'm quite fine right now without someone. I'm young, I don't need a boyfriend. Ha, I sound like Summer Finn from 500 Days of Summer. So yeah, but it would be nice to have a boyfriend...

Yep. That's my blog post for today. Thanks for reading. Have a great night.

Feb 3, 2012

A Boring Post

Hey guys. First blog post of February. And here's an update of my uninteresting life:

So I finished Mockingjay, the last book of the Hunger Games trilogy. Ugh! I'm very disappointed with this book. It was so depressing.

**SPOILER** With a lot of characters that we grow to be attached dying. It's just sad. Cinna, Finnick, Prim....really? And how Peeta went to a complete weirdo how Katniss was dramatically struggling, and Haymitch wasn't his normal self. I felt like every character had changed. The author didn't quite know how to conclude the ending. It didn't explain how Gale left to his "fancy job" and her mom working at a new hospital in a new district. Everything felt rushed at the end. It was a short ending. It didn't explain how Katniss and Peeta reconcile, getting married, and having kids. It didn't explained district 12 after all the war-fighting-crap that the book was all about. Again, everything was rushed at the end.

The last book of the series was a disappointment and I didn't like it. I thought Catching Fire was not good as the Hunger Games, but this book was really bad. I don't know. It's just my opinion.

Today, I accidently deleted my Tumblr account. I was suppose to delete an extra blog I had, not my entire account! I was definitively ticked.

I've liking the song Cellophane by Sara Jackson Holman. It's a great song.

I've been listening to One Direction a lot as well. I mean come' on. There cute! You gotta admit. They are. And they're British. Twenty extra brownie points.

Super Bowl weekend! Who are you rooting for?

I hope yall have a great weekend ahead of you.